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How do I change the default email address to my private email address?

When creating a LYNX account, LYNX uses a default email address ( to set up your account. After LYNX received your first deposit, you will need to change this email address in Account Management. This is part of the LYNX account activation and in this way LYNX ensures that you receive future notifications about your portfolio (eg, information on dividends, margin changes, and reporting on rights issues) at the email address you specified. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to change your email address.

Attention! If you change your email address from to your personal email address, you must inform LYNX customer service. This allows us to verify the email address change and implement it permanently. You can do this by opening a chat in the lower right corner of this window or by sending an email to

Instructions for changing your email address

1. Click here to login to Account Management.

2. You can find the main menu on the left. From there, select Settings 1 and next User Settings 2.


3. On the right you will see the Communication column. In the Communication column, select Configure at the Email Address row 3 .



4. Select No 4 under Do you still have access to this email address? Enter your new email address twice 5 and then select Continue 6.


5. Then, enter your username and password that you use to log in to your LYNX account. It may be that you still have to enter the codes from your code card, or you will see the “challenge” and you have to login into the LYNX Trading Application. In the latter case, open the LYNX Trading Application and select Services. Authenticate and then enter the response set. See the LYNX Trading App for more detailed instructions, if necessary.
6. Confirmation number has now been sent to your new email address. Please enter this number and select Continue.

7. Please inform LYNX customer service by email to or via chat.

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